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The Mayhew Group works with highly experienced consultants to deliver our services.  They are experienced in many industries, possess academic qualifications and professional certifications.  They are located throughout the USA and the world.

The Founder

Rich has over 15 years of corporate leadership experience and 20 years of management consulting experience. During that time he honed his skills as a change leader, “fix-it” manager, and coach.

In his corporate role at Bank of America, Rich was an operating manager in retail and corporate banking, where he was get-attachment-3responsible for risk management and relationship banking. He then led organizational development and training functions. During this period, he managed the development of matrix and distance leadership skills for international banking offices. Appointed as Vice President of Human Resource Development in Southern California, he was responsible for implementing the retail bank’s transformation to a sales culture.

Rich has combined his experience as a general manager and as an international consultant to create leadership development programs and act as a coach for C-level, junior executives and middle management in a variety of industries, such as technology, entertainment, manufacturing, biotechnology, power generation and utilities, energy, pharmaceuticals, government and arts organizations. He has also developed leadership programs that cross organizational, cultural, and geographic boundaries. He has also conducted leadership programs globally for Disney’s Consumer Products Division. Additionally, Rich developed the first leadership development program for creative and production staff at Disney’s TV Animation division, as well as a leadership program for Disney’s ABC TV and Cable Networks Division. Other clients who have benefited from Rich’s expertise includes San Diego Gas and Electric, Universal Pictures, Apple Computer, Microsoft, Fandango, American Red Cross, The Getty Museum, The Nigerian Government, The Ethiopian Ministry of Health, GlaxoSmithKline, British Petroleum, Sempra Energy, City of Hope, GATX Capital and others.

Rich serves as an on-call faculty member with the Center for Creative Leadership, the largest developer of leadership talent in the US. He is also adjunct faculty with the corporate education department of the University of California, San Diego, where he teaches leadership development and team-building courses for executives. He is also currently lead faculty for a UCSD program to teach graduates, Ph.Ds, and post-docs how to transition to private industry and become successful leaders and team members in non-academic work settings. Rich is also a US representative for ASKEurope, a global consultancy based in the United Kingdom and works with UK headquartered companies with US locations.

Rich holds a B.A. in finance and has completed the graduate level Advanced Organizational Development Program at Columbia University.

Professionally, Rich has served on the boards of the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association and the San Diego Organizational Development Network. He has also presented at their conferences.

Personally, Rich is Chairman of the Board of the San Diego Childrens Choir and he is also on the board of directors of the Pat Rincon Dance Collective.

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